Best christmas present:

The English version of Töltriding

Get access for ever – in two different bundles. New films added when available.


In about 40 films (of around 10-20 min each) we get to visit some of the most famous breeders in Iceland. See the beautiful stallions in their home stables.

BREEDING - access for ever here


In about 40 films (of around 10-20 min each) we meet some of the best riders in Iceland and hear them explain their thing.

CLINICS - access for ever here

The film channel all about iceys

The film channel Töltiriding has around 200 hours of films all about iceys. Our films are mostly in Swedish/Icelandic and we have had many requests for English version.

In our English bundles we have all English spoken films - but the texts might be in Swedish. Happy watching!

Here are all the films in Töltriding

Use our apps to watch your films

Download our own apps in App store and Google Play. Search for Töltriding and you will find them. You can Chrome cast or use Apple TV.

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